Share Your Climate Story. Galvanize Action in Paris.

Share Your Climate Story. Galvanize Action in Paris.

This autumn, the entire world is preparing for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris. We're at a critical juncture, and it's crucial that New Englanders tell our elected leaders that dirty energy and climate change are altering our everyday lives. 

The climate and energy stories that reach American lawmakers are often abstract, focused on distant futures or distant places. But ordinary people everywhere are already suffering from the painful effects of the fossil fuel economy.

We know that this includes folks right here at home -- like Pauline Rodrigues in Somerset, Mass., who has lived just a few blocks from two coal-fired power plants for the last five decades.

Pauline breathes in soot and smog everyday. What's your fossil fuel or climate story? Does pollution from a coal-burning power plant threaten the health of your children? Have you suffered property damage and losses because of unusual and extreme weather events? Is your family heritage or livelihood threatened by a future where Maine has no lobsters?

Please, tell your story. Our U.S. Senators and Representatives need to understand that fossil fuels are causing pain right now, for the people they represent.  New England and the United States must be leaders on climate change action in Paris and on the global transition to a clean and just economy.

Add your story to the letter below - or simply sign on in support of real climate action in Paris and a zero-carbon future.