Fight for Solar Energy!

Fight for Solar Energy!

The growth of solar electricity in Massachusetts is threatened by new proposed legislation—we must take action now.

  • H.3854, now in conference committee, would:
  • Slap a new mandatory minimum charge on solar
  • Raise the net metering cap only 2% (reached by summer 2016)
  • Slash net metering reimbursement by 75% for sizeable projects (such as municipal and community shared solar).

If H.3854 enacted, most sizeable planned projects will be abandoned, and jobs and tax revenue will be lost. Low-income residents and municipalities would be hurt most because projects for apartment buildings, community shared solar, and municipalities would never be built. Homeowners too might abandon solar plans because the monthly minimum charge could reduce their benefit of going solar.

It’s not too late to turn this ship around. We need to tell members of the House and Senate to fight for solar energy by eliminating the net metering cap, ensuring power sold back to the grid is fairly compensated, and making sure there is no mandatory fee for producing solar energy.

To head off climate catastrophe and continue the economic benefits the solar industry brings to the Commonwealth, we should make it easier, not harder, to build solar. Send a message to your state legislators calling for a stronger solar energy bill that keeps our solar industry growing - and that you will be watching very carefully to see what happens with this issue.