Stand up for a Stronger, More Just Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

New England has a chance to reduce power plant pollution more quickly than ever before, for everyone -- but our governors and state agencies have to act now. 

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which limits global warming pollution from power plants in nine states, is in the final stages of a program review.

We need our governors and state agencies to use this review to reduce power plant pollution as quickly as possible, setting a cap on pollution that goes down by 5% every year. And we need them to guarantee the people hurt the most by dirty energy and climate change will benefit from RGGI and have a real say in how it works - especially communities facing environmental injustices.

This is a chance to clean up the air, protect our climate, and get cleaner power, for everyone. Use the form below to urge your Governor and the RGGI Board of Directors to stand up for a stronger, more just RGGI in the final stretch of the program review.